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2 definitions by Enter Romero

Arch Enemy of Nikolai Fraiture, the zoom has been holding a grudge against Fraiture for as long as anyone can remember after he was brutally defeated by him. A song was even created in honor of the zoom after Nikolai broke him in January of 2010.
Nikolai broke the zoom...
Ooooh yeaaheaheaaah!
by Enter Romero January 01, 2012
When you/someone gets WAY to descriptive in conversation or text and ends up writing a fucking novel with what could've been a simple idea.
Tim: Dude, are you coming? We're gonna be late.
Andy: Yeah, sorry man, my wife is pulling a Dickens and wrote me a fucking book about exactly what she wants from the store. Took 4 messages to tell me what kind of pasta I need to get.
by Enter Romero August 20, 2012