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1. International French finance firm that specializes in global commerce.

2. Extremely boring and mind numbing organization in the world.

3. Due to lack of interesting services, large amounts of boredom, in addition to the corporate drama, it is the first part of a phrase. (Phrase also known as The Shades of Grouch)
Intern Wang at Grouch is head over heals for soon to be legal assistant Rajeev. Rajeev comes to work with massive circles on his neck that look like the craters on the moon's surface. Intern Wang decideds to talk to Intern Meng about her frustration and they begin to elaborate on how fowl and gross the other co-workers are and how they should have a massive "social gathering" and get any pending issues out of the way.

All because of BOREDOM...
by Enslaved employee May 19, 2006

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