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The position that one is in after losing or not even being able to obtain a mcjob. The most miserable position that one can ever be in.
I have no money, no car, no spouse, no respect, and now I am even mcjobless.
by Enrico Fermi December 26, 2003
an Enron 401K plan

What you have left after your company screws you.

Would you like fries with that Mr. Lay?
At least I still have my mcjob.
by Enrico Fermi November 28, 2003
A romantic evening without the man.
Becka, Sonya, and Sara decided to ditch the men and have a rotic evening watching chick flicks and eating chocolate.
by Enrico Fermi March 02, 2004
A combination of the words nudicles and cataclysm. A violent upheaval that causes great destruction inspired or influenced by ones nudicles.
A nudiclysm was caused when Henry decided to ignore his best judgement, put faith in his nudicles, and drop THE BOMB.
by Enrico Fermi September 19, 2003

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