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The landscape-wrecking effect of massive "green" wind turbines on bucolic or wild scenery.
Turblight destroyed the character of the old Johnson farm and the entire valley.
by Enough Already June 06, 2009
A conservative is someone who thinks resources like land, water, timber and oil are owed to Man in infinite abundance by an invisible deity until Jesus returns, at which point the Earth and all its raw materials will be purged. The Bible gives the exact date of this liberating event.

Thus, conservation, environmental regulations and other forms of greed-control are socialist plots against patriots who are merely pillaging resources per God's Plan. Never mind that the world is getting increasingly overpopulated and rife with scarcity. The Chosen Ones are above the laws of nature.
Being a good conservative, he mocked the recycling program as not cost-effective, threw his aluminum can in the trash, and sped away in his Yukon Denial with Limbaugh bleating about the "global warming hoax."
by Enough Already May 09, 2010

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