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Sir Gaf is the pronouncement of CIRGAF, which stands for "'Cuz I Really Give A Fuck."

CIRGAF is used in a sarcastic situation when one does not care about what the other person is speaking of. This can vary depending on the person, from dramas, to quick chit-chats, to "the talk."

Sir Gaf is used in a rather introducing way or questioning manner, but still mean the exact same as CIRGAF, as well as used in the same situation.

You can see it used in the examples below, somewhat similar to CIRGAF, but rather in a dick way.
"Hey man, guess what happened last night, I met this bastard, we got in a beef right? So I was thinking of ..."
"Wait, is his name Sir Gaf?"
"...So how was YOUR weekend."

"Son, lets have our talk about the birds and the bees. This is very important to our family. I just wanted to..."
"Hold on dad, I think Sir Gaf is calling me."
"Hey, I didn't want to talk about this either."
"Hey Sir Gaf? How are you?"
"Okay okay, just use a condom."
by Enlarquell November 03, 2009
A way of saying the oh-so-often-used "Boss."

Instead of saying "I'm the Boss," which comes off of The Lonely Island's "Boss" song, you can replace it as "I am worth 100 Yes."

This is based on a Boss coffee drink in Japan, which goes between 100-120 Yens, and Yes originated out of misspelling of Yens, missing the "n."

In addition, 100 Yes strikes rather a deeper chord than "1000 Yes" or "Million Yes" because once it passes the 100 Yes mark, it loses its meaning.
"I'm such a boss man. I go. I go."
"You can be a boss, but I'm worth a 100 Yes."
"...Well I don't feel so boss now..."
by Enlarquell November 02, 2009
To do what you do (used in a positive manner.)

Such as,
When you are good at a game, for instance, you can use "Keep bombin' that shit" to yourself for self-confidence, etc.

If you are to use it to peers, you can use to encourage their good work.

What it should not be used is for when you mean it negatively, such as when your friend does horribly on a test, you say "Keep bombin' that shit and you wont go to college." This is a taboo.

Keep bomin' that shit is used for POSITIVE MANNER.
"Damn, I'm not myself today... I keep dieing on this damn level."
"Don't worry breh, I know you're good at these stuff, just keep bombin' that shit, and you'll get there."
"Shit, you're right, thanks for the encouragement."
by Enlarquell November 02, 2009
CIRGAF stands for 'Cuz I Really Give A Fuck.

This is used in a sarcastic manner, and is used to tell the other person you could truly care less about their topic on their conversation.

You can use CIRGAF to truly tell the other person to GTFO, or you can use CIRGAF towards people who don't know what it means to just say "Don't worry about it. Continue." Just so you feel like you made your opinion.

Also refer to Sir Gaf.
"Hey man, I was at this party, and I was getting drunk, and I met this girl.."
"Bro, CIRGAF."


"Hey man, wassup. I got an A+ on this super hardcore test that my teacher gave me, and I was like..."
by Enlarquell November 02, 2009

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