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Now this is a real indoor skatepark! A wide ass mini ramp with tight trannies, extensions, escalators, a flat bank and not one but TWO death bridges. It spines into a four foot square bowl. The long and skinny street area plays into the mini bowl set up smoothly, and the huge take-off roll in the corner will give you more than enough speed to hit up the place
There is a nicely stocked skate shop on the premises. Along with a pool table, Charm City Indoor Skatepark also boasts two of those old 720 skateboard arcade games- you know the ones with the dream layouts and the duck-footed punk with the mohawk. They also have one of those tricky little claw games, but instead of winning a crappy stuffed animal, you can nab a set of wheels!
(Skater:) Dude today im going to charm city skate park to skate the half pipe on my new Enjoi.

by EnjoiLife March 11, 2009
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