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When someone begins talking while you are already talking and interrupts you. The word can also be applied in situations where people are not supposed to talk i.e at an inappropriate time, during a moment of silence, or even during a movie.

The phrase comes from "jaywalking" when people who cross the street when they are not supposed to and interrupt the flow of traffic.

1. Dude would you quit jaytalking, I'm trying to tell a joke.

2. That guys a total jaytalker, he interrupts me every couple seconds.
by England420 February 18, 2009
The treasure that is inside turtles and tortoises. It can only be acquired by breaking or prying open the shell. It usually comes in the form of gold coins or assorted jewels.

1. Hey dude, did you know that if you break open a turtle there's treasure inside.

2. Dude I went to the aquarium with my hammer yesterday, I got so much turtle treasure.
by England420 February 18, 2009
Giving a stripper or other exotic dancer by placing bills of money in their costume (usually a thong) at their hip.
1. If you want a dancer to pay you special attention, give her a hip tip.

2. No dude, you're definitely not supposed to hip tip on dates.
by England420 February 18, 2009
A stupid word that someone made up for the sake of posting it on Urban Dictionary.

Dumb people who have nothing better to do with their time sit and create these words because they think they sound clever or that people will start saying the word or phrase. In actuality nobody uses or relates to these terms and everyone votes "thumbs down" on them. A select few douchebags will in fact see the word and then try to use it in every day life, these people should be shot on sight.
Guy1: Time to Sky up.
Guy2: What does that mean?
Guy1: It means to leave.
Guy2: Is that an URBAN DICK WORD?
Guy1: Yeah, I guess.
Guy2: You're fucking stupid. Don't ever talk to me again.

Sky up
Strand-up comedy
bake off
Vegetarian Vampire
by England420 April 17, 2009

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