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Rolling On Floor Laughing In Circles
That movie made me totally roflic
by Endrup March 20, 2007
A fight IRl or in a game between two persons that are total noobs
1.OMG Everybody...Noob Fight...Noob Fight
2. Rofl, this is a total noob fight
by Endrup September 09, 2007
dde is short for dude...
Tom 21 says: Hey dde, how are things?
Jordan Pe says: Doing just great...You dde?
by Endrup January 16, 2008
Comic Book Guy's Bar
From The Simpsons episode Love, Springfieldian Style. A spoof of an actual rock club located in NY where many famous punk acts have performed
"You are no longer welcome at CBGB, which stands for Comic Book Guy's Bar"
by Endrup April 20, 2008
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