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The tensing of muscles after ingesting large ammounts of dextromorphan hydrobromide (DXM)
I.E. Coricidin Cough and Cold, Tussin, Delsim

The "trip" is euphoric and DXM is scheduled as a dissassociative in large doses

stimulates neurotransmitters
This drug induces vivid colors, slurred congressions, one dimensional thoughts spans, spiritual revival, comprehension disposition (feeling of understanding and release)

An ignorant person should not be exposed to this, it will destroy what little remains of their pathetic thought patterns

Can be quite enjoyable, but don't binge--it will hinder experience and future effects

Causes ammmmmaaaazing trip, separated into four divisions

Bad side effects are present (temporary paralyzation, overheating, restlessness)

more present in future ingestions
Person 1:"Dude, I'm frozen, and it feels like I'm on a carousel...
Oh look, the walls are swirling"

*Tries to walk*
*muscles and joints won't bend, arms curved in a stagnant, awkward position*

Person 2: "Sit down, this is your first trip--you are incapable...that's why they call it a robo-trip"
by Ender Crowing October 09, 2006

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