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The scumbags of the fps genre in gaming. Although camping is an legitimate strategy for some modes of the game there are some pricks out there that camp 24/7 regardless of the game mode. Whether it'd be Team Deathmatch or Capture The Flag these retards will just sit there all day hiding and camping a little room with claymores rifles and everything else they can think of. It's douchebags like these fucks that give camping a bad vibe for everyone else when the game mode does call for strategic camping. Especially frustrating for Modern Warfare 2 where the fuckers plant claymores in every entrance for a room during Team Deathmatch.
That guy is such a camper, dickhead camps in Domination CTF and Team Deathmatch.

Omg that noob didn't move for the whole game or even tried to capture the flag what a fucking camper.

Dude that dickhead camper just hid in the room during the whole Team Deatchmatch.
by End of |ine February 03, 2010

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