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Creatine is a popular workout supplement used to enhance athletic performance, particularly in weightlifting. Creatine is most popular in "monohydrate" form and can be taken in capsules or in a powdered drink mix. Usually, taking creatine on a regular cycle will cause a 5-10 pound gain in muscle mass and a slight but noticeable increase in your lifting performance. Creatine is popular because users will most likely see results when combined with a serious lifting regiment, without the wacky side effects of steroids and testaserone raising products.

There are some reported (but not proven) side effects of creatine, including bacne, bloating, anger and increased urination (due to the amount of water you are required to drink while using creatine). Creatine will also not automatically get you jacked without hard work and will not automatically allow you to lift more weight. Rather, creatine will help you get that little extra edge you need to go the extra mile and give you that extra one or two reps that make all the difference. Using creatine is not "cheating", and to maintain your size you will have to work as hard as anyone else. The effect doesn't last forever and is never as strong as your first cycle.

Usually those who speak against creatine usage are simply envious of the improvements made by users or cannot afford it. I know from experience that many pathetic individuals who discourage creatine usage actually take it themselves and simply don't want anyone to get as big as them. Sad, yes, but true. Creatine is safe and legit, used by many pro athletes and olympic medalists.

And yeah, a lot of people who combine creatine with hard work on a regular basis WILL suddenly become chick magnets and acquire previously unreachable amounts of punani.
Once I started taking creatine, the weights I became capable of lifting embarrassed a lot of chumps wearing beaters and short-shorts at the gym.
by end your life August 28, 2006
A store in which men buy female clothing. It is not "stylish"... it's ridiculous, and it's not "metro"... it's flat out gay.

When did it become acceptable for a guy to wear a pink shirt? Why would anyone buy a pair a baggy plaid shorts that resemble a kilt? Who in their right mind would buy pre-torn jeans? When did dark brown and pink become a tasteful color combination? It is enough to bring one to tears, seeing the cashier in a tight collared shirt with a popped collar and seagreen and lavender stripes. Is that what a man - of any social strata - should wear? Unless they are openly homosexual, the answer is no.

It should also be noted that Hollister prices are no higher than any other mall outlet store, including Abercrombie and Fitch, Pacific Sunwear, or Hot Topic... so you can't use the "you just can't afford it" arguement. Most people can afford it; you just have some bad taste.
Taylor bought a pink polo shirt and pants that looked like a kilt at Hollister to show off to chicks how secure he was with his masculinity, and was hit on by every guy at the bar that night.
by End Your Life July 14, 2006
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