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Someone whose interests are always changing or who never sees an endeavour through to the end; a capricious individual.
"That channel surfer's skateboard has been gathering dust in his garage ever since he started doing karate."
by Encantadoro August 03, 2006
To pronounce a foreign word as it's pronounced in the country of its origin, usually to the irritation of anyone within earshot.

A person who does this is a foreignouncer.
"Mmm..this is good chaudiere."
"It's CHOWDER you goddam foreignouncer!"
by Encantadoro September 27, 2006
A group of musicians who explain away their lack of any real success by claiming that they refuse to ‘sell out,’ instead of admitting that they’re untalented.
"I think those guys will remain a gutter band unless they actually decide on learning to play their instruments."
by Encantadoro August 03, 2006
One of a breed of 3D-modelling novices who tend to over-use the repeat command, for which 'G' is the shortcut (in the Maya software package). Play on 'cheeky monkey'.
"You better go help that G key monkey before he ruins his mesh."
by Encantadoro August 02, 2006
An individual who (unintentionally) gets in other people's way by walking on the wrong side of the footpath, corridor etc.
"I bumped into a drunk driver and missed the train."
by Encantadoro August 03, 2006

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