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a n00b on toast
she likes to tie pubic hair in knots with her tongue and is secretly a lesbian because her boyfriend dresses up like a woman.
"bingley! STOP TOUCHING ME!"
by EmzyyElectric && BingleyBOOM February 04, 2009
when discharge from the anus finds its way onto one's finger during the process of buttock penetration with one's phalanges
'oh yes, twas thrilling until she gave me chocolate fingers'
by EmzyyElectric && BingleyBOOM March 02, 2009
a pair of 'noobs' who like to mount their friend 'toast'
'n00bs on toast'
'i'm the noob, she's the toast'
by EmzyyElectric && BingleyBOOM February 04, 2009

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