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Not what it is said to be normally. It is overused, abused, and damaged but in the end, it is still there. Love is a committment, THE committment to be with someone for forever, no matter what happens, no matter who comes along. It is more than just a feeling. It is a part of our souls.
I love her/him, and will wait for marriage to have sex with them. I will never leave them.
by Emzfly April 22, 2005
Usually used to describe someone who punches their fist in the air and say that they're hardcore and punk and against anything conformist. This is rather interesting because you must conform to their clothes and music and depressiveness before they will let you hang out with them.
"Did you go to that concert last night? we were so hardcore."
"O my god did you see Ben, he is so not hardcore."
by Emzfly May 11, 2005
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