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A Christian who ignores the Commandment against lying when they believe that it will benefit Christ, God, Christianity, or convert a non-Christian to Christianity, or one not of their particular sect to their sect.
You say Intelligent Design is not Creationism, but you're just a Liar for Christ.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
the argument that there must be a God because -- wow -- isn't everything just AMAZING!
The conservative Christian tried to claim a theolo-gee.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
The sacrament of incarcerating someone for stealing a cracker.
After indulging in curiousity by not swallowing the Eucharist wafer, the student was forced to submit to euch-arrest.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
Defending the reality of the moon landing.
The geeks indulged in some Apollo-getics and counter-Apollo-getics far into the night.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
The act of summoning God to magically explain every problem.
The theo-login decided to theologenie their way through the million dissenting comments.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
The spread of religion throughout secular aspects of a community or society. May be malign or benign. From Greek theos (god) and -oma (disease, morbidity).
Like a lot of debilitating diseases, theonomas are best prevented rather than treated.
-Revere, Effect Measure.
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
1. third-person plural nominative pronoun

2. third-person singular non-gendered nominative pronoun
I was with a group of people, and they said . . .

I was with my best friend yesterday, and they said . . .
by Emu Sam August 03, 2008
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