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Swedish Handy Jay
When a girl (probably a beginner) gives a guy a hand job but fails to notice he has reached a climax. The girl continues past ejaculation which somehow turns the guy into a writhing version of the Swedish chef from the muppets.
J: oh yeah baby that feels good, keep going.

P: #rub rub rub#

J: oh oh oh!! Squirt

P: #rub rub rub rub#

J: her def flerpin de flip flip fermer de her den gerben. Stop!

P: "I didn't know you'd finished, or that you spoke Swedish ."

J: "Next time read the stop sign Forest Gump. You turned this into a Swedish Handy Jay"
by EmpressMe November 13, 2013
November 24th is Deniro day.
The day we celebrate the great man by taking a selfie of your best Deniro face and make it your FB profile pic or twitter pic.
It's Deniro day! I have an actual use for all of my deniroface pics. Are you talkin' to me?
by EmpressMe November 23, 2013
The challenge issued when one donkey wishes to fight another donkey either for honour or kicks.
First identified by JMcD, who has an affinity with Asses.
Donkey 1: "dude, your mums got a great ass"
Donkey 2: "oh yeah? Come at me Burro ...."
by EmpressMe January 07, 2014
Becoming extra emotional at Christmas time.
Crying over hallmark cards, babies opening presents or just nothing at all except it's Christmas. People who become Chrismotional also tend to become extra emotional at Easter, birthdays and New Year's Eve... And any other occasion. If you are friends with a Chrismotional you can probably expect a soppy declaration of love at Christmas.
by EmpressMe December 26, 2013
A hybrid of remember and reckon.
When you are unable to truly recall something but it sounds about right. Makes the most sense in Australia where "I reckon" is used frequently.

First coined in 2013 by Helen and the Whyalla girls. Now in general use.
I remeckon I shut the front door and turned off the iron this morning. I'm also pretty sure I remeckon sending that email.
by EmpressMe December 26, 2013

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