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A logarithmic unit (Sw) that defines the ratio of a awesomeness of a person relative to a specified or implied reference level. This logarithmic scale was "invented" (see the "meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams) to describe the awesomeness of people who are beyond awesome-- to the point that there are no words in the English language to describe them. Can also be used as an adjective (Have a sarikawesome day!) or a noun (That was sarikawesomeness!)
Guy: Wow, that was an sarikawesome display of sarikawesomenss!
Girl: I love when guys make self-referential statements!
Guy: No wonder I am sarikawesome!
by emosewa February 14, 2013

-men who like other men

-something lame

the english language always changes so it is appropriate to use the word gay to say that something is lame...emoheads are know to use the phrase "thats gay" because there sad all the time and for emoheads being happy is lame
emohead-being happy is lame

emohead2-yea is fucking gay

emohead-koo imma go cut myself

emohead2-sic...imma put some hawthorne heights
by Emosewa September 26, 2007
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