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Being extremely hyper, usually after eating too many pixy stix. Usually has a numbing effect, making you raw.
I was so hyperaw last night, I didn't even know you smacked my arm hard enough to give me a bruise.
#pixy stix #hyper #raw #emo #crazy
by Emoooo December 23, 2007
When someone touches their weenus to your wagina. Usually, after this process is completed, either you or the person waping you yells out, "WAPE!"
Cyndi: Yesterday, I was just walking along and Jimmy popped out of the bushes and waped me!
Paul: So what did you do?
Cyndi: I called out "WAPE!"
#weenus #wagina #rape #weenis #wenis
by Emoooo January 10, 2008
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