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Here's a real definition. My best friend is Indie and I'm emo
Indie kids befriend who they want to. I'll be honest most don't like SCENE kids. Because Scene kids generally steal their style. (Jackets, vintage tee's and what-not)
Now they listen to whatever they want, but it is mostly non main stream bands. They love anything independant, not sounding like everything else out there. Happy, not depressed (like screamo) or revolting (like rap)
They do have a unique fashion sense
1) Everyone wants to be scene bright colored makeup overly done hair that exceeds it's limit
Way to many holes on their body and tattoos mostly of stars or guns or something overly trendy
2)Indie kids are very smart. They take pride in knowing what is actually going on in the world instead of the latest gossip on myspace.
They are fun loving and don't always shun people for not listening to their music and vice versa
My best friend listens to bands that I've never heard of but will listen to what I have playing in my car (Lorene Drive, etc)
Now everyone complains that they are stuck up but at least they aren't bitchy like scene kids that obviously follow a code of SCENEYNESS
And when you hang out with a group of people you're all going to dress somewhat alike
Indie kids=Read, write do something abstract and artistic very vintage and dont have to over do themselves with makeup and photoshop to look pretty
Emo kids= Emotional, sometimes dramatic but not always a cutter and not always depressed.
Scen kids= Overly dressed up emo kids, Photoshop and make themselves fake to look pretty colorful make up that should be left to raves only bitchy and egotisical
by EmoXCore<3 Her Indie Bestie July 10, 2008

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