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The headache you receive after going into or passing by Hollister due to the strong scent of the perfume they spritz all over the store.
Guy 1: Yo, man, you alright?
Guy 2: Just give me a sec, I got a Hollister headache.
by Emo Panda-kun May 26, 2010
The junkie high school of Toms River, NJ that's filled with snobby rich kids, but has no class. Unlike the other two high schools in the district, this place is nice, the ceilings are not ready to collapse in, and the building itself has windows. Nicknamed Heroin High because of one heroin addicted dumbass being, well, a dumbass.
Girl: Where do you go to school?
Boy: Toms River High School North.
by Emo Panda-kun March 23, 2009
Basically, to spit on someone unceremoniously without warning. Comes from the action's of Flavor of Love contestant, Pumkin, who spit on New York when she got eliminated from the show.
Girl 1: Don't you think it's sad that celebreality stars are too lame to get kicked off a show in a unique way?

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: Didn't you see the episode of Rock of Love: Charm School when Brandi C. spit on Destiney?

Girl 2: Oh, I get it. You're right, that is lame, only Pumkin can pull a Pumkin.

Girl 1: Exactly.
by Emo Panda-kun March 28, 2009
A rather large and highly unpleasant pimple that takes up residence on the lip and or lip area. Characterized by the bulbousness and blatantness of the throbbing whitehead.
Girl 1: Is my makeup okay?
Girl 2: Your eyes look fine, but no amount of foundation can cover that category three limple on your face.
by Emo Panda-kun November 21, 2009
A term used to say that something is epically failtastic.
Girl 1: Oh, my god, I failed that test we took last week. How did you do?
Girl 2: I didn't know any of the answers; it was like an abortion.
by Emo Panda-kun June 25, 2009
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