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The day when all Emos will be slaughtered by Emo Haters and the Emo species will be wiped from the planet.
Brooks:I got spit on by one of those Emo Haters!
Sarah:Oh no! The Emopocalypse is about to occur!
Sarah:Yeah! The Emo Haters are plotting to ruthlessly destroy our entire clique!
Brooks:Noooo! We must go before all the Emo Haters kill us!
Sarah:Let's warn the other Emos!
by Emo Girl Sparky-chan November 07, 2006
One who hates Emos. An Emo Hater is likeliest to be someone who labels his/herself, such as a Wannabe. Emo Haters normally have no reason to hate Emos, but like to hate them because it's what all the other Posers and Wannabes are doing. Maybe it is just pure jealousy. The world may never know...
Samantha: Hey,Emo-Sarah!You suck!
Samantha: I'm going to hit you with this stick until you bleed to death.
Sarah: Ewww...why?
Samantha: Because.
Sarah: Becuase why?
Samantha: Becuase you're going to bleed to death anyway.
Sarah: Ah,the lies! You are such an Emo Hater! Why do you take such little precaution in your slanderous speech?
Samantha: Deeeehhhh...I don't know biggie words!
Sarah: Whatev.
by Emo Girl Sparky-chan November 09, 2006

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