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The name of my continent in a few decades. It was our fault, we failed to embrace our culture, we failed to care for our culture, and we failed to give birth to our offspring to continue the culture and language our long dead forefathers have founded. Alexander the Great's empire, The Roman Empire, British Empire, Spanish Empire, and the such are all but obsolete in the future.
While we live in a comfy house making good money, enough to raise 2 children (We need a 2:1 ratio to maintain a culture) but the immigrants are able to spawn 20 babies, causing overpopulation of the world as well.
Global Cooperation must happen to prevent overpopulation and under population, that is not going to happen.

All hail Eurabia, without conquest from them, we have lost.
American: Mexicans are coming in here like jack rabbits spawning babies!

European(me): Our government failed to make the people realise they are destroying our culture by not having enough babies, thus less workers, so they bring in immigrants from a completely different culture. While you have Latino immigrants, European in culture, language, and religion. We are the ones suffering a downfall of our civilization. When I retire, I'll be a citizen of the Eurabian Union. Thus I am no longer European, but a Eurabian. Our attempts at preventing this is useless, Russia pays couples to have babies yet it isn't doing much of anything. Do not try to help us, we have lost from the start.

American: You made me realised now that Mexicans may be poor and speaks a different language, but at least both of our countries share a similar history and some in culture, so if our culture is to be destroyed, it's only making my country a dual-language nation like Canada. Thanks for opening my eyes.
by Emnesity January 31, 2010
China - The first ever communist country to have a rising economy.
Indonesia - Swords and Islam.
Japan - Weeaboo's favourite country. People are fucking sick and tired of those fuckers coming there.
Philippines - People who rants on how they are Asian not Pacific Islander.
Vietnam - Communist people who thinks anyone that is white is automatically American (I'm British god fucking damnit).
Thailand - Good foods, has a monarch, but people live in poverty.
South Korea - Weeaboo's 2nd favourite country. Also tired of fuckers coming there wishing they were Asian (Japs are sick of them too!)
Myanmar - A place most Westerners have no clue existed.
Malaysia - If you think being a negro in the Confederate state is bad, think again.
North Korea - A weeaboo's 3rd favourite country because it has 'korea' in it. People are treated less than dirt there.
Taiwan - The spirit of Asian capitalism. Weeaboos don't like to go there because it's not Japan or Korea.
Cambodia - Hate the Viets
Hong Kong - Weeaboos don't want to go there because it's not Japan or Korea yet HK is one of the few reasons Asia is worth visiting.
Laos - Communist country nobody gives a shit about.
Singapore - Very honorably European in some aspects, beautiful. Weeaboos don't know where to find it nor do they want to visit it because it's not Japan or Korea.
Mongolia - Hates China
East Timor - According to some book, it's the poorest country.
Macau - Speaks Portuguese.
Brunei - Low population
Weeaboo: Asia is the greatest continent on Earth!
Me: Really? Where are you going to this summer vacation?
Weeaboo: Japan or Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: FUCK YOU! I'm going to Singapore for vacation, even if it's extremely warm, it's fucking beautiful!
Weeaboo: Where's Singapore?
Me: In Asia you fucker!
by Emnesity January 10, 2010
Or CrossFire.
Cross Fire is a "Free to play" FPS game that used to belong to SubaGames, now it's part of Z8game's portal along with Metin2.

This game has a lot of potential to be fun, but after G4Box split from Wicked Interactive (Which owns Suba, G4 just signs a partnership with them), the game is now utter bullshit. Sure the admins and mods are the same, but ever since the split, the game is officially pay to win, thus answers why I quoted "Free to play". The community sucks as well, trolls and flamers run about not to mention they fap to anything female no matter how ugly they look. The forums used to be fun back at Suba where they sit back and just try to have fun (I lurk but hardly post). The number of trolls/flamers on the new site "Z8games" reflect how badly Cross Fire is now. Kids fap to these female characters known as "SPOP".

TL;DR - This game used to be fun, now it sucks and so is their community. It's also pay to win where you pay $20 a month just to get body armour and guns that always find ways to get your head, which all lasts for 30 days. So keep the money rolling!
Guy 1: I'm going to play some Cross Fire.
Guy 2: WTF dude? Why not try Combat Arms? They promise to keep their NX cash only to buy cosmetic stuff such as new character models and Elite Moderator, never shall they release "Body armor" or any magical guns that kills people.
Guy 3: Yeah, in Cross Fire you buy your skills as for Combat Arms you have to earn it. Cross Fire is the only game I know where you buy armour, every other games it comes with it.
Guy 4: I play Soldier Front though.
Guy 2: Soldier Front is good, just hackers once every while.
by Emnesity December 29, 2009
The opposite of "Have Fun". This term is used when a friend or someone is going to do something you and they know is boring, or you simply think it's boring.
Nadira: I'm going to go watch some 40's movies with no sounds or color.
You: Have bored.
by Emnesity November 29, 2009
With the demise of Ozobe and other shitty celeberties, comes Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers.
Now with this faggot, Jonas brothers and Miley Cyrus will die off really soon, which I, and other intelligent people would cheer and shout in victory only to grab our gun to blow our brains out knowing a new dirtbag arrived, and that is Justin Bieber.
His song "One Time" made me question my statement about how Jonas Brothers suck which also made me question that nothing is worse than Aqua/Ozone.
*Years ago*
Girl: OMFG! BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!!!! <3
Me: Shut.....the......fuck........up
*Years later*
Girl: OMFG! Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!!!! <3
Me: Shut...........the............fuck......up!
*years later*
Girl: OMFG! Hannah Montana is soooooooo pretty!
10 year old boy: She's SEXY!
Me: Must........resist...........genocide..........ugh........
*years later*
Girls: OMFG! NICK JONAS IS HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Me: He has Diabetes too :V
Me: Like I want 10 year olds jacking off to me.
Me: Oh, irony. Good thing my wife didn't give birth to a kid at this time......
*years later*
Girls: Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Me: Fucking shitbag music spawns like horny jackrabbits with hormones in your food!
by Emnesity February 25, 2010
What the world thinks they are like: Cute, sexy, outgoing, basically your dream girl. The sad reality is

1. They are fake, made of plastic. (How did they get so much money for surgery when they can barely buy anything at Wal-Mart?)
2. Generally assholes who are self centered and thinks because they are from California, they are somehow goddesses to be worshiped. Sad enough girls in the Mediterranean are more natural looking and are not brain dead due to Mainstream overdose
3. Want them to be your girlfriend? I give you 3 days until she looks at another sad loser.
4. Too much fucking make up. Do you really have to look like a clown to be considered "hot"? They say girls with too much make up have esteem issues...
5. Oh wow, for some reason any person who has an understanding of History, Science, Arts & Literature, and wants to succeed in life are looked down. Not surprising the Leftist heaven of California is the 3rd most retarded state in the nation (And as a Centrist-Left, oh so ashamed!)
6. AIDS.
7. "Rock music fucking sucks, it's white music even though Chuck Berry is fucking black"
I went to California for a vacation after my days in good ol' Uruguay only to find that the people of California are generally assholes who are self centered and Anti-intellectuals. They think I need to be brown skinned because according to them, South Americans are mestizos just because they've seen Mexicans, but never Costa Rican (White), Dominicans (Mulatto), Peruvian (Native) or Latin America as a whole. They also think they are objects of worship and end up breeding from wedlocks after dating 400 men. I am glad I did not fall for the California girl trap, I did end up with a beautiful Australian girl in the end.
by Emnesity September 21, 2010
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