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A hardcore fan, seen at sporting events, most often football games.

You will know a superfan by the their clothes, which are:
-Running shoes or small skate shoes such as vans
-Long socks (often striped or brightly colored)
-Short shorts or booty shorts in the team colors

-A fanny pack, in which to carry their wallet and cell phone
-Tanktop or even shirtless
-Plastic beads in their teams color
-Eye black
-Raybands sunglasses
-Vuvuzelas, fox 40/rape whistles, airhorns, and thundersticks
-Possibly covered head to toe in body paint, with their favorite players/friends number painted all over them

Superfans are extreamly annoying to sit next to, unless your a superfan yourself. They will not shit down or shut up at any point in the game, even if their team is loosing, they are recognized as the best fan a team can have.
Taylor: "Geez! Danny and Nathan wont stop blowing their vuvuzelas and stomping around the bleachers yelling!"

Sarah: "Oh, theres nothing we can do about that, they're 'superfans.' They wont be totally quite until a few hours after the game is over."
by EmmureIsTheBestBandEver November 26, 2010

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