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noun: a girl that is beautiful and athletic, she appears to be a good-goody, although is good at hiding her true-nature. she is just good at avoiding pics that show her partying like a rockstar as well as pole-dancing and making out with hot spanish guys.
girl 1: did you see kelly last night?
girl 2: yeah i did!!
girl 1: she was crazy!
girl 2: i know! but when i facebook stalked her pics, all of them were soooo innocent! i never thought she would be such an animal!
by Emmstar December 11, 2010
A large pile of snow or debris made from a snowplow which accumulates on the side of the road.
"Check out that burm! You could sled down it."

"A truck is coming - take cover behind that burm!"

"You can't even see my house behind this burm!"
by EMMSTAR February 23, 2013

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