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As the modifier 'flash' suggests, flash fucking happens fast, spontaneously, and ends just as quickly. It’s the kind of sex that you’ll enjoy at specific venues that encourage promiscuity such as private parties or sex clubs. The point is not to indulge in a lengthy, intimate session with one or two people, but to fuck as many yummies as possible in the shortest amount of time (make sure to factor in bathroom and recovery breaks so that you’re able to maintain peak performance for each session). Unlike marathon sex, which necessarily implies the fucking of one person for a long stretch, flash fucking is analogous to a series of sprints.
Sonia went to a private party last night and bragged about flash fucking three couples in the span of one hour.
by Emmanuelle Undine November 23, 2010
Cum candy is a term used to describe male ejaculate by women and men who love swallowing their lover's jizz when they give him a blow job.
Come on, let me suck your cock so that I can taste your cum candy.
by Emmanuelle Undine November 27, 2010
Acronym for: Sex-positive, Woman-centered, Adult lifestyle Blog. In an effort to tap into the market segment represented by women, many mainstream porn websites have developed female-friendly blogs.
I love that blog -- it's so SWAB. As a woman, I feel that it speaks to my views on sexuality.
by Emmanuelle Undine November 27, 2010
Ap/dp or apdp is an acronym for "ass-pussy double penetration," a term that describes a sex act in which a woman is penetrated by two cocks: one in her vagina and another in her anus. Many women have claimed that the orgasms they experience during ap/dp are of far greater intensity than during anal or vaginal intercourse alone.
Last night I got into a hardcore ap/dp session. When those two cocks fucked my holes I came so hard I almost passed out.
by Emmanuelle Undine November 27, 2010
A person who practices flash fucking.
I've been a flash fucker ever since that night at the swinger club when I participated in an orgy.
by Emmanuelle Undine November 27, 2010
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