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1. A person born into wealth who believes that everyone living in the United States of America has had an equal amount of school/employment opportunities as them but is just a lazy (insert minority here) and would rather live in state assisted housing; have more children in order to collect more welfare and play dominos/craps while they are hard at work at their uncles law firm.

2. An individual that feels abortion is murder and that women should not have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. A member of society who would like to see Christian prayer in public schools despite separation of church and state and respect to other student’s religions. Someone willing to forfeit civil liberties and think the war in Iraq has something to do with the tragic events in New York City on September 11th, 2001.
1. Some bush supporter wants to cut funding for PBS because they perceive it to be bias liberal programming.

2. So do bush supporters relize if they ban abortions there will be more welfare babies? Or do they plan to ban abortions and dismember welfare?
by Emmanuel_Goldstein July 19, 2005
1. A Bush crony needed to mop up the national embarrassment katrina disaster to provide the American public with a one sided investigation that will undoubtedly neglect the truth and bad publicity.

2. The act of appointing a reliable crony to cover up embarrassments of an irresponsible appointed crony.
1. Frances Townsend's investigation will prove George Bush does care about black people.

2. I was so scared I just about Frances Townsend my pants.
by Emmanuel_Goldstein September 20, 2005

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