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fat ass "rapper" who's day begins and ends at mickydees
lean *pant* back lean *pant* back, *fat ass falls after he leans*
by emmanem April 01, 2005
someone who moans during intercourse simular to screamer, back seat driver. name caller
Mary: Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

John: ^_^ knew she was a moaner
by emmanem June 11, 2005
sexiest male in the world ;-)
damn he looks good, i wuv him
by emmanem March 22, 2005
someone who tells their partner what to do during intercourse simular to moaner, screamer, name caller
John: ^_^ knew shed be a name back seat driver
by emmanem June 11, 2005
someone who shouts their partners name during intercourse simular to back seat driver, moaner, screamer
John: ^_^ thought shed be a name caller
by emmanem June 11, 2005
atlanta rappers: featuring each other in each others songs, helping each other, generally having the other atlanta rapper's back

new york rappers: always having beef with each other
atlanta rappers are nicer to each other
by emmanem April 12, 2005
veerry awkward, where one of your friends and their bf/gf say "group hug" and u innocently do it then they start making out and your trapped
sasha and tim gave me a group hug, i felt violated :(
by Emmanem January 19, 2006
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