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Pdd-nos means 'pervasive developmental disorder (pdd) not otherwise specefied' and is an diagnose for people who are in the autistic spectrum, but who don't have the right symtomps to have an other label, like Asperger's. It is often milder than other types of autism, but can be pretty hard to live with too.
"I just got back from the psychiatrist. He said my son has pdd-nos, which is an type of autism."
by EmmaBatstJou August 29, 2007
A Dutch word for having sexual intercourse.
Guy: What means batsen?
Dutch guy: Batsen means having sex.
by EmmaBatstJou August 29, 2007
Dutch word for someone who is having sexual intercourse, from the verb batsen.
Girl: Hey batser, wanna fuck?
Guy: Yes, please!
by EmmaBatstJou August 29, 2007
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