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4 definitions by Emma85

Fat (BBW) middle-aged woman acting embarrasingly in public
That salsbac keeps flirting with those young lads
by Emma85 February 07, 2007
95 13
Being seen in Public with a fat (BBW)middle-aged woman and assumed to be having sex with her
Looks like Steve will be trampoline dogging this weekend
by Emma85 February 07, 2007
88 8
A woman with no ethics who homes in on a recently bereaved man and beds him whilst he's still emotionally vulnerable
That old tart won't leave Mark alone since his wife died. She's a widower's mattress, chasing vulnerable men like him.
by Emma85 February 09, 2007
63 2
dancing so bad that people watching will need pantie pads to stop themselves pissing with laughter
Gary hit the dancefloor and cleared a space with his tena dancing
by Emma85 May 07, 2007
3 1