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A television show that was on Nickelodeon for a breif period. Created by cult comic book writer; Jhonen Vasquez, the show revolved around an alien from the planet Irk bent on world domination named Zim, and his adventures in conquering all of humanity, while a young human named Dib tries to stop him. It was cancelled for doing poorly in Nickelodeon's target audience, as it was more popular with older veiwers.
Did you see that epidsode of Invader Zim where Zim accidentally turned himself and Dib into balognia?
by Emma The Red September 13, 2004
noun: A slang word for "vagina."
"And women, are born with a vagina, which I like to call a Giggy. Giggy, rhyme with puppy... but not very well."
--Foxxy Love, Drawn Together
by Emma The Red November 13, 2004

1. An infinate void that is contained within a pie, such that if you were to fall into it, you would be sucked into and then trapped inside of the infinate nothingness that the pie contains. However, one might eat the Quicksand Pie and have no problems at all for the void is contained within the entity of the pie.
2. A metaphysical entity of nothingness that can only be contained within pie.
3. A person who is distracting, who "sucks you in" when you have something else to do. A distraction.
It was the darndest thing, I ate the pie that my grandfather fell into and nothing happened. These Quicksand Pies are mind boggling.

Al: hey, you wanna talk and stuff even though you have that huge paper due tomorrow?
Berlin: Ugh, you are the biggest Quicksand Pie.
by Emma The Red December 12, 2004
n. A penis, the male reproductive organ. An exotic variation, the r should be rolled.
Let me stroke your large, brown rotunda.
by Emma The Red January 14, 2005

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