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I'm actually a pom dancer, I have to admit, but I consider myself a cheerleader as we do cheer moves. (I'll add an entry for a pom dancer in a minute).

A cheerleader is often seen as blonde, 6"tall and a dress size 000 with a nasty attitude towards everybody who's 'beneath' her, promiscuous and isn't especially intelligent. However, this is very much a stereotype which many movies love playing up to *sad sigh*.

Cheerleading isn't just about shaking pompoms, being happy and smiley all the time and showing off to the fit boys, oh no!
It requires a lot of physical strength (Especially when lifting other memebers of the squad), balance, concentration, fitness and flexibility (Always handy when trying to do the splits or a toetouch!)

There is a huge variety in my squad! There are a few blonde girlie girls, but one girl in my squad is a UK size 20 and she's really good. Nobody is taller than about 5"8 in my squad and the range varies from UK size 6 to UK size 20, some are prettier than others and - although we may not all LOOK like stereotypical cheerleaders and/or act like them, we work hard for our squad and enjoy it.

See the example to show what I'm like as a cheerleader.
In MY case, a cheerleader is a chubby UK size 10 with cropped dark brown hair with blue flashes in it, thick glasses (Unless doing competitions^, in which case contacts are required), a Mensan (152-point IQ), lesbian and NOT always happy and perky and dressed in skimpy designer gear. (I'm more likely to wear baggy jeans than anything else).

^Wouldn't want my glasses to get trampled on, would I? Lawl!!
by Emma) March 01, 2007

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