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127 definitions by Emma

abbrev for:
Bend over here it comes again
(military origin, used corporately too)
BOHECA, BOHEKA, Boheca, boheka
by emma April 30, 2004
43 19
Noun form of the adjective bogus. A collection of unsubstantiated or untrue assertions.

Also used in adjectival form.
His resume was a massive pile of bogosity.

The bogosity level of his thesis was staggering.
by emma February 03, 2004
27 9
Cool, but so cool that it is beyond the cliche of cool
oh maaan, i just wrote a song, it's fully coops
by Emma April 05, 2003
124 107
A term used for almost any town that starts with a "P".
Though I don't know about other p-towns, the one I live in is called that in an attempt to make it seem "ghetto" and not the suburbia it really is.
by emma February 26, 2005
195 181
a ver tall mediteranian being, they called youstine which look like a famale, many years ago in egypt. It was said the she would seduce the egyptiam merchants on their travels. She would tie them up then starve the in the desert which is why many skelatons have been found. Its unkown what she would have done to the while they were tie up or if she was alive or a ghost since from each skelaton footprints would be found walking in a direction away from the skelaton though faded after 3 or so steps.
skelatons found in desert
by emma December 08, 2003
26 12
the best band in the world
need i say more??
by emma May 06, 2004
44 31
Colombian for 'scared'
Sra. Garcia: Dun't be escared to essplain yourself, in your next composition.
by Emma July 27, 2003
17 4