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A flusy if thats how u spell it
a slut who puts on to much body spray and other girly smelly crap to make her self smell good but all she does is mix it all up and smells like crap
i know 2 flusy's its ok angela and tyffanie i still love u guys
by emma October 20, 2004
Song by korn, on the Album, Life is Peachy
listen to the song assholes
by Emma February 20, 2005
Part of 2nauti crew, Good friends with moyo.
Emma Donnelly the 3rd
by emma January 26, 2005
when a person has.....you know......whatsit(s....e....x) in a squatting position
yo, i did that nigga froggie style g! it was da bomb.
by emma December 07, 2004
emmaz tag. dnt steal it all ya biatches out dere
<3breaker (on a bustop)
by emma May 19, 2004
good, it , thinks there all that,
she finks shes all tonk but she's just a rudey wannabe
by emma December 24, 2004
sn insult commonly used for red headed people to state the fact that their pubic region is ginger.
red headed people often lie about this and say that they are not ginge, which is wank.
sarah: alrite ginger pubes?
emma: they aren't ginger sarah *blushes*
sarah: yer alrite then... GINGE!
by emma July 14, 2004
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