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A 43 year old has-been actress. She's dating Ashton Kutcher who is 28 years old. That's just sad.
You're dating him? YOU are such a Demi Moore.
#has-been #old #charlie's angels #ghost #patrick swayze #ashton kutcher
by emm February 01, 2006
Massage Parlour Attendant. One who gives you a happy ending.
I was at this Asian MP last night and the MPA there gave me a horrid HJ, her hands were like sand paper. Good thing I only paid $30.

I went to this place in Chinatown for a quick release from an MPA and the place got busted. I was charged with being in a bawdy house and given a fine of $500.
#mpa #m.p.a. #mpas #mp #mps
by eMM December 14, 2012
A Mexican blowjob is when the person giving the oral previously ate either Habenero or Jalepeno peppers, causing harsh burning sensations to the reciever's penis.
Man, my wife gave me a Mexican B.J. last night and it burned like hell!

Putting out a Mexican Blowjob with water only makes it hurt more!

Dude, last night I got a Mexican blow job from a male prostitute, and I really liked it!
#blow job #sex #hot #pepper #mexican #painful
by eMM November 16, 2006
Awesome, cool, fun, no restraints
Man, our party is off tha hook!!
by Emm September 08, 2003
A Florida Breezer is when you are chillin' at home with your friends and let a nice hot fart out in front of a fan that was cooling everyone down in the room. The fan than redirects your gases toward all the people you are across from. Best done when the fan is in the "turning" mode to maximize the spread.
Man we were all coolin' at Rick's smokin' some weed when he gave us all a Florida Breeze!

Fat Jenny tried to hit us with a Florida Breezer but we grabbed the fan and pushed that shit-wind back at her!

Last night my bitch gave me a Mexican Blowjob So I gave her a Flo-beezy the next day.
#florida breeze #fb #flowridah breeze #floida breezer #flo-breezy #flobzy #flo-beezy
by eMM October 23, 2012
1.) You've got bad ass game on the basketball court

2.) Making money

The source of 1. is obvious; 2. come from selling rock or crack cocaine. You start making good money when your dealing with balls (8-ball) and up, which is a half a quarter ounce, or 3.5 grams. A half a b (1.75 grams) is the lowest on this scale and what low end dealers might grab. On the street a half a b goes for $100-$125, which you can convert to about $170. The turnover is not extremely high, but the rate you sell it at is as you can easily turnover that amount in 20 minutes or less. The more balls you deal with, or sell, the higher the turnover.
Kim makes about $1,000 per week slangin' on George Street. She's ballin' yo'.
#ballin #balling #ballen #str8 ballin' #str8 ballin
by eMM June 15, 2013
BBPS - Bare Back Pussy Slide. When a women will rub your penis with her genitals without having you penetrate her. This is can be useful if you want to COB (cum on body). Some SPs and MPAs will let you do this; though it's not recommended as one could easily penetrate the vagina by mistake. While the act itself is relatively safe, the chance of accidentally penetrating the vagina makes it too risky for most seasoned hobbyists.

Is also sometimes called BBCG - Bare Back Cock Grinding.

See also Pussy Slide, Russian sex, BBFS, BBBJ, Italian sex. MP.
Yo' last night I was getting my BBBJ at a message parlor... All of the sudden that hoe jumped up on me and started to BBPS. I had to slap her before I got her preggo.
#bbcg #ps #bps #b.b.p.s. #b.b.c.g.
by eMM December 14, 2012
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