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2 definitions by Eminent

A widely used term in certain parts of the US, combining the words "bro", "abrasive", and "joseph".

Carries the same meaning as abrasive; it can mean "overly aggressive, annoying, or intrusive".
A friend starts aggressively making loud and disgusting sounds with his food on purpose. You could say: "Excuse me? Could you please calm down? Your eating is being a little abroseph."

While walking into the movie theater, a friend starts dancing in the middle of the mall just to mess with people or to troll. You could say: "Maaaan, you're being so abroseph right now. It's ridiculous."
by Eminent May 04, 2010
To make abroseph; the creation of an abroseph situation.
When people find out that she's crazy and that we went to the same school, they will think that I am crazy too. She is going to abrosephize my college experience.

My cousin is so annoying. Every time he visits he abrosephizes my entire day.
by Eminent June 14, 2011