3 definitions by Eminencia

The un-easy-ness/discomfort a woman has in her boobs(horny/sexual desire) due to; her man not giving her sex after playing/toying/stroking with her breast or sensitive areas.
Janice: Damn, my drunk boyfriend fall asleep while sucking my tits and rubbing my private part! He fucking gave me blue boobs!
by Eminencia November 02, 2009
When a guy have sex with boobs; rubbing his penis in between the boobs and shooting his cum(sperm) onto the neck of the lady.
Ben: My girlfriend had her period and no way I'm going to have sex with her so I gave her a pro necklace instead.
by Eminencia November 02, 2009
Tranny balls means something that feels/is fake and hard (like Silicon boobs, Plastic boobs).
Yucks! These meatballs tasted like tranny balls and I'm not going to eat them!
by Eminencia March 24, 2010

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