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A person who knocked up your mom at 18, your mom was a heavy smoker, so he decided to take are of you at a young age but he's too pussy to take care of you, so he drops you off at his parents house and he only sees you on "some" Tuesdays, then he'll say he'll be there for you and suddenly when you're 13 he gets a girlfriend, and his girlfriend has a son and he spends all his time with them and never sees you anymore like he promised when you were a little girl/boy. And then him and his girlfriend get married and then her and her son and YOUR father move away to another state and you become emotionally depressed and you cry everyday and your father still thiks he did nothing wrong...
Daughter: Hey daddy can you make it for my birthday?
Dad: No I'm going to be with my girlfriend because frankly, i don't give a fuck about my own daughter anymore.
by Eminem's Katrina xD February 12, 2012

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