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A way of saying OK. Used origionally on Bill Cosby's show, Fat Albert, it became awesome enough for me to recognize when re-introduced in The Boondock Saints<3... Best if drawn out when spoken, and said w/ an irish accent...
Connor: Now Roc... are you sure that you're obee-kaybee?
by EmilyJayne February 23, 2005
"Time Of Month" ~A descreet way to speak of one's period.
Kari: TOM came today... TOM's such a bitch!
Emily: We had to fuck in the shower cuz TOM was here! Lets go make out now!
Kari: Okay, teehee!
by EmilyJayne February 21, 2005
A word used to express frustration or anger.
Kayleen(after CDs are stolen): PISS!
Emily(when really bored): Piss mother!
by EmilyJayne February 26, 2005
An awesomely random word invented by the awesomely random Emily. Derived from neither Greek nor Latin, totally pointless and unessential, it's meaning is whatever the fuck you want it to be. It's so effing diverse and No1 (er... few rather) will know it's not an actual word, use this to your advantage over the unaware fagwads... (C'mon people, get creative!)
Emily: You're so fucking nimphatic! Gosh!
Fagwad: I am not, neener neener!
Emily: You douchebag, nimphatic's not even a word!
by EmilyJayne February 23, 2005

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