1 definition by Emily Scarlett

Often seen on the 40+ crowd, mom jeans are too high, too tight, tapered leg jeans which manage to showcase any bodily flaw the wearer has. Possible outcomes: The butt will be compressed so it doesn't stick out, it will instead be pushed to the sides, making it look far wider than it actually is. The genital triangle will be emphasized and outlined (see camel toe or FUPA). The hips will look wider because of the butt compression and the tapering of the legs.

In addition, mom jeans are often light in color, which further emphasizes the outcomes mentioned above. They also come in the elastic-waist variety which further defines the genital triangle.
"Honestly, you would think after years of telling their kids how to dress, women would figure out that those mom jeans they have on just aren't flattering."
by Emily Scarlett January 22, 2006

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