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(n) A person who likes to make bad jokes in public, usually sexual or homophobic, with intent to offend people for lulz. More commonly called trolls. These people usually do not have any friends who are not hooting dick holes, because anybody else would be repulsed by them.
"Although the player base can charitably be described as 'lively', and uncharitably described as 'a bunch of hooting dick holes'" - Yahtzee Crenshaw on Xbox Live Members
#hooting dickhole #asshole #troll #fuck head #douche bag #ho bag #cunt #xbox
by Emily Rem November 25, 2009
In all its uses, "like" adds little color, and there are more descriptive words that can be substituted for almost all its uses.
1. (v) to mildly enjoy. Used by all ages.
1a. (v) To have mildly strong to strong romantic feelings for another. May imply a lack of confidence in one's self or ability to commit. Used mainly from ages 11-17.
2. (comparison) Expressing little to moderate similarity between two or more objects, people, ideas, etc. used in similes, along with synonym, as. Used by all ages.
3. (interjection) Meaningless verbal filler. Synonymous with um and uh. Usually said unintentionally, while trying to finish a statement or question after starting. Should not be used when public speaking. Used mainly by ages 11-14. Stereotypically used by tween girls.
4. (v) Said. Used mainly in past tense. As in 3, used to fill the gap made by deciding what to say. Used by 14-30
1. I liked that movie enough that I'd rent it again, but I wouldn't buy it.
1a. I like her, but I don't think I should tell her yet.
2. Tastes like chicken.
3. I was just, like, walking in the park, when he, like, totally was, like, staring at me.
4. And then I was all like, "you don't know nothin about me"
#lyk #liek #um #as #uh #love #crush #enjoy #said
by Emily Rem October 19, 2010
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