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3 definitions by Emily M. Jones

noun pronunciation(tsow-hE-hE)
1. obessive organization, everything in its place
2. peacefulness, harmony

This word is the consumate antonym to brouhaha
1. The tsauhehe of Anne's dorm was a direct contrast to the brouhaha that was Mary's.
2. The class was utterly boring because everyone was determined to show nothing but tsauhehe to the prof.
by Emily M. Jones August 24, 2006
it is the consumate antonym for brouhaha;
1. calm, serenity, order, harmony.
2. lack of chaos or mess
The tsauhehe on Jane's desk was always a temptation to Bill so he rearranged everything.
by Emily M. Jones August 25, 2006
1. complete organization, obsessive neatness
2. calm, tranquility
1. The students evinced considerable tsauhehe during the fire because they thought it was merely a drill.
2. The tsauhehe shown by Janice when she broke her leg proved she was in shock.
by Emily M. Jones August 23, 2006