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A name for people who are part of the Jewish religion, It is a RELIGION and is not a race or group of people out to get you so for the ignorent people that have decided that they 'hate' Jews, one of your close friends are likely to be jewish and they probably dont even know themselves.
Jews are a bunch of amazing, beautiful people and i love them.
Remember; being jewish is a BELEIF and therefore cannot look a certain way.
The list of Jews are endless, if anyone wants to get rid of jews then maybe you should realise that so many of the people you watch on telly, so many songs you listen too, so many people you admire are infact jews.
EG. Simon Cowel, Zac Efron, Sharon Osbourne, Amy Whinehouse, Einstein, a guy in west life, there are just too many to name.
by Emily Georgina Scotts June 22, 2009

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