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A man that prefers to "shoot it up the shitter."
"Bill, why don't we go back to my place and get it on, I just had an enima"
by Emily February 14, 2003
driving around on back roads (gravel or dirt) while getting high or drunk. (see gravel roading)
Hey guys, I'm really bored. Let's go back roading!
by Emily December 29, 2004
Closely related to "rawr." Meant to be kitten-esque; sexy; fiesty.
That guy is so hot! Mrawr!
by Emily April 14, 2004
An abbreviation for Personal Identification Number Number. Something only stupid people say. Also see ATM Machine.
That machine asked me to put in my PIN Number.
by Emily February 07, 2005
a school that is so good it can turn kent idiots into good kids
My brother failed school and got kicked out of Kent, so South Kent took him in out of the kindness in their hearts, and now he goes to Princeton.
by emily April 24, 2005
A grocery store employee whose job is to corral shopping carts from the parking lot into a designated cart area. Their jobs are rather harsh, especially in areas with extreme climates.
Mike is a cart wrangler over at Publix. Sucks for him.
by Emily June 19, 2006
from the ancient lazlonians
a totally rad DJ
that guy is a total lazlo
by emily February 01, 2005

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