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Has a similar meaning to "fucker"
"Oh my God, You derf! What the hell did you just do? You Fucked everything up!"
by Emily May 06, 2003

1. past tense of to shop
2. singular for sheep
3. really, really cool

1. i was shooping this weekend
2. dude, theres a shoop outside!
3. thats so shoop!
by emily November 07, 2003
what u say if something is cool or awsome. only, it replaces all those old words and is much cooler.
dude, did u see that girl emily? she's SO bassline!
this game is fucking bassline.
by emily March 16, 2005
a queef is a homosexual,
Queef can also be used as, 'loser' 'stupid-ass' and many other insults.
*jimmy falls down*
Courtney: "Jim you queef!"
by Emily November 09, 2004
alternative spelling of "sexy". however, the 'x' should be a capital letter. popular in zine culture.
a sXe girl
by Emily May 15, 2003

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