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"know-what-i-mean?" conglomerated into one word/sound.
"as far as a superpower, i think i'd rather be able to stop time than be invisible, knamean?"
by Emily March 31, 2004
what sometimes happens when a virgin has sex with the first person they can get thinking that it won't mean anything later, or they won't get attached.
Joe wouldn't have sex with his best friend Mindy because of virgin-baggage, and Joe didn't want poor Mindy to get attached.
by Emily February 11, 2004
when the balls just go flyin and u cant control them anymore...
the girl stood in the field watching the pitcher pitch and the boys kept having fly balls......
by emily May 19, 2003
Newfie slang..a way of saying "so, whats your point"
"big deal"
"I dont care"
"My mother got me a goat"
" Now b'y"

"My friend holly is mentally retarded"
"Now b'y"
by Emily April 18, 2005
somebody who spits alot.
My friend is a gobber but I think gobbers are dirty bastards.
by Emily April 05, 2005
a very stupid but really funny guy who is cute in a stupid way, kind of like dr.sues books
he is such a rhyme guy!
by emily January 21, 2005
jam your finger in her pussy, popular internet message board slang.
user2: JYFIHP!
by emily September 15, 2004
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