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243 definitions by Emily

somebody who spits alot.
My friend is a gobber but I think gobbers are dirty bastards.
by Emily April 05, 2005
1. Yet another reference to the vagina.
It's pretty sad when the best sex you're getting isn't even sex at all, and you completely forgot what an orgasm even felt like until Mr. Showerhead managed to find his way to your kitty-no-no.
by Emily March 14, 2005
when the balls just go flyin and u cant control them anymore...
the girl stood in the field watching the pitcher pitch and the boys kept having fly balls......
by emily May 19, 2003
used to describe a failed attempt; when something just went fucking wrong; when everything backfires and blows up in your fucking face
"It all fucksploaded." "We were doing fine till SHE came along and made everything fuckspload." "My grades are all fucksploaded!"
by Emily April 21, 2005
Newfie slang meaning "what are you doing" or " whats up" or "what's new"
"watta ya at?"
"not much, just listening to music"
"watta ya at?"
" Nothing my dog just died"
by Emily April 18, 2005
Phrase used to express anger toward another.
damn, bitch! you ate my bagel?! go choke on a dick!
by Emily July 27, 2004
he or she is having a really bad hairday
Wow, I feel really bad for Eaj, she has a really bad Afno today.
by emily June 02, 2004