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Little love in spanish, something to call only the best, most amazing girl you will ever meet. An exclusive nickname for the one you love.
The other day, my amorita finally said the 3 words i love you.
by Emilis June 15, 2009
A feminine lesbian who dates other feminine lesbians, but usually has the most control in the relationship. In the bed she's usually more dominant and will do most of the pleasing and use the strap. Also controls the relationship out of the bed, and is generally less emotional.
My newest relationship is with another girl, but shes definantly the femme agress.
by emilis June 30, 2009
When your best friend takes a remarkably big dump, tells you to come look at it and the only thing you can think of to say is "Yinks." A combination of Yikes and some other word.
"Come look at this dump i just took!"

"Dude, yinks."
by Emilis June 15, 2009
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