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A child's bib or towel used to prevent him or her from spilling food over his or her clothes.
Let's put a dribnik on Donna. She keeps on sticking her fingers in the strawberry preserves!
by Emil Gomez December 01, 2005
Cubic zirconium or other fake jewelry.
You know that jewelry store on Geneva St? They ripped me off---I paid $3K for blung!
by Emil Gomez December 01, 2005
Abbreviation for "Da New Attorney". An attorney, usually young, with New York tude.
I just came back from jury duty and one of the guys on the case was DNA.
by Emil Gomez December 01, 2005
A recycling center for empty soda cans.
Take those Coca-Cola cans to the fizzbin. You can get some change there.
by Emil Gomez December 02, 2005
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