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a lot of definitions have been made about islam, some true, others well.. not so much.
let's get a few things straight:
1) Islam does NOT promote killing of non muslims, in fact one of my favorite passages in the Quran states: ("I worship not that which you worship, Nor will you worship that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I worship. To you be your religion, and to me my religion") Which basically means that Allah is telling his Prophet not to argue with the disbelievers but leave them alone.
2) Just because people are muslim doesn't mean they are terrorists, so you can stop glaring at them or treating them like scum, because that is racism. We don't live to bomb America or to kill everyone, we really don't care about America, the media spews out the most horrible propganda, the people you see on the news bombing planes and cars are NOT MUSLIM!! WHY? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE MUSLIM IF YOU KILL SOMEONE!! KILLING SOMEONE, ANYONE IS LIKE DENOUNCING YOUR FAITH IN ISLAM.
3) Again - our reason for living is NOT to bomb America - have you ever read anywhere in the Quran that we should kill people because they are not muslim/are american?? NO! CAUSE IT AIN'T TRUE!!!
4) Just because I am muslim does not mean I can't be friends with Jews or Christians or Buddhists or whatever, or that I have to hate all other religions!! A story about the Prophet Mohammed tells: The Prophet (pbuh) was passing a Jewish funeral and he stopped to pay his respects. When reminded that the person being buried was a Jew, Mohammed replied, "He is still human though." He showed the value given to humankind in Islam. And once, Islamic troops took a city and began killing the children, but the Prophet Mohammed stopped them. When they told him the people in this city were infidels, he reminded them that they themselves had all been infidels until recently."
5) Not all muslims are weirdo wahabbi followers, those people are misled and ignorant; For example, the Wahabbis are taught by rote that Jews are subhumans who should be killed as a religious duty. In contrast, the Hadith explains that the prophet Mohammed honored Jews, married a Jewish wife, forbade forced conversions of Jews, always bowed in respect when a Jewish funeral passed, and promised that good and faithful Jews would go to Paradise just as good Muslims and Christians would, and that the Jews would have their Holy Place in the west (meaning Jerusalem) while Muslims would have their Holy Place in the East (meaning Mecca).
So get the facts straight, racism is so uncool, you keep preaching against racism but at the same time you are opressing muslims for their beliefs.
Me: Islam doesnt promote all that horrible stuff so getchar facts straight before you start giving muslims dirty looks at the airport! it hurts!
Smart person: Sure will
by Emi Love June 09, 2007

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