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koianah- an ancient curse. a dance that releases a spell in witch results in getting stung by a bee. or sometimes just a simple tragedy will occur at that moment.

koianah mahana huke-off shannangoff.

i koianah you.

koia, koia, wah, wah, who, who, koia, koia, wah wah, who, who, koia, koia, wah wah, you.
by Emery marczinko February 01, 2008
the nurnut is a cross breed of acorn and walnut.

the word nurnut is a noun and if properly used, can also be used as an adjective.
"look at that girl laughing all weird, what a nurnut"

"Mum, may i have a nurnut sandwich for brunch?"
by Emery Marczinko May 26, 2008
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